Thursday, September 02, 2010

Four Years

Today marks four years since dear old Sparkey left his earthly body. On that fateful day, Mary, Rene and I gathered around him on our peaceful porch as the vet ended his suffering, and he licked us each on the face as a single tear rolled down his furry cheek. We buried him in the side yard of our house (the house we sold last year), and his old bones still rest in that hallowed place.

Sparkey was an amazing dog who was quite tuned into the human world. Whereas some dogs seem content in their canineness, Sparkey was one of those canines who seemed more human than most. He was especially tuned into human emotions, and there was no end to the empathy that he bestowed on members of his extended pack.

Sparkey and I were like soul mates, and there was a bond between us like I have never had with another animal (no offense, Tina!), and he was simply a special animal who came into our lives with a reservoir of love and devotion to give.

We miss our boy dearly, and we send our love to him, wherever he may be.

Rest in peace, Sparkey. One of these days Tina will join you at the Rainbow Bridge, and you both will have a joyous reunion. Til then, know that she is a happy old girl, slowly losing her eyesight and her hearing, but not her love of food and sleep and affection!

We love you, Bob. Thank you for the many years of devotion and love that you gave to our family, and know that we will never forget you!