Monday, September 02, 2013

Seven Years

Well, today marks seven years since Sparkey left his old, tired body, and we still think of him so often. Meanwhile, Tina's first death anniversary is only a few weeks away on September 22nd, and we wonder how they're both getting along in the spirit world. Do they play together? Do they even see each other? Did Sparkey greet her and guide her when she first left this world for the next?

Here on earth, we sometimes pine for our dear departed animal brethren, and we miss their furry corporeal proximity to us. And there are also days like today when we "kidnap" a neighborhood dog--like Tina's boyfriend Barney--and get our "fix" of canine love and attention.

Sparkey was like a living animal talisman, our guide through life for many years. His kindness and love were so palpable, and they veritably exuded from his soft and expressive eyes.

When Tina joined our pack, there was a sense of completion that we all felt. We were a tribe of five, plus various friends and family members who the dogs certainly saw and accepted as part of the extended pack, even if they didn't see them regularly.

Today, we honor Sparkey's memory: his wet nose; his soulful gaze; the way he romped through the woods with such wild abandon; his simple fears of the vacuum and pressure cooker; his very empathic and humanoid nature.

In a few weeks, we'll honor and mark the passage of twelve months since Tina left to join Sparkey in the non-physical realms, and we'll think of them both during this month of remembrance and gratitude for their love, service and devotion.

Continue to rest in peace, Sparkey. We love you!