Monday, September 02, 2013

Seven Years

Well, today marks seven years since Sparkey left his old, tired body, and we still think of him so often. Meanwhile, Tina's first death anniversary is only a few weeks away on September 22nd, and we wonder how they're both getting along in the spirit world. Do they play together? Do they even see each other? Did Sparkey greet her and guide her when she first left this world for the next?

Here on earth, we sometimes pine for our dear departed animal brethren, and we miss their furry corporeal proximity to us. And there are also days like today when we "kidnap" a neighborhood dog--like Tina's boyfriend Barney--and get our "fix" of canine love and attention.

Sparkey was like a living animal talisman, our guide through life for many years. His kindness and love were so palpable, and they veritably exuded from his soft and expressive eyes.

When Tina joined our pack, there was a sense of completion that we all felt. We were a tribe of five, plus various friends and family members who the dogs certainly saw and accepted as part of the extended pack, even if they didn't see them regularly.

Today, we honor Sparkey's memory: his wet nose; his soulful gaze; the way he romped through the woods with such wild abandon; his simple fears of the vacuum and pressure cooker; his very empathic and humanoid nature.

In a few weeks, we'll honor and mark the passage of twelve months since Tina left to join Sparkey in the non-physical realms, and we'll think of them both during this month of remembrance and gratitude for their love, service and devotion.

Continue to rest in peace, Sparkey. We love you! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rest in Peace, Tina

For those of you who are not already aware, Sparkey's little "sister" Tina left this world on Friday, September 21st, the last day of summer.

Tina was getting weaker and weaker, often unable to walk or stand, and needing our constant companionship and vigilance in her final week of life. She gave us very clear signals that it was time for her to take her leave of us, and even so it was--and is--very painful to let her go.

Since Facebook is now the communication tool of choice among our friends, family and brethren, we have created a memorial Facebook page for Tina so that she can be remembered and memorialized in proper digital fashion. Feel free to pay a visit. There are stories, photos, videos, remembrances, and all good things related to our wonderful little girl who lived such a long and happy life.

We hope that Sparkey and Tina are now reunited--along with many of their other spirit friends--and that they fully enjoy the freedom from their physical bodies that eventually were more burdensome than comfortable.

While we are happy for their release, we're left here with our heavy hearts, continuing our time on this mortal coil until we too can join them.

We love you, Tina!

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Six Years

Well folks, today marks six years since Sparkey left this world. The above photo, which I don't think has ever been featured here on Latter Day Sparks, shows a plaque made by my Keith's father, Gene Carlson. The ersatz "boxing gloves" are two of the four booties that Sparkey wore on his feet in his final days in order to protect his nails and paws from his dragging gait. (Rene corrected us that Sparkey was actually born in 1993, not 1992--but who's counting!)

Meanwhile, Tina plods along towards her 18th birthday on April 1st, 2013, and we're amazed that she's survived Sparkey for so very many years. We imagine Sparkey visits her in her dreams from time to time, and will some day guide her over the bridge to her forever home.

The photo of Tina was taken this summer as Keith held the old girl in his arms. Already accepted into a dog photo contest, Tina just might make the cut to be one of the canines whose mug will be on a 2013 Santa Fe dog calendar. We'll keep you posted on that--and on Tina's Facebook page that's now in the works.

We miss our boy, and we allow other dogs in our lives to remind us of good old Sparkey--like Barney, Tina's three-year-old boyfriend.

Long live Sparkey D. Dog. We salute his spirit today and every day!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Five Years

Today marks five years since Sparkey left us for the next world and his Great Reward. His loyalty, unquestionable cuteness and intense way of tuning into the human world will always be remembered. Some dogs are very canine in their nature and behavior, but Sparkey---although quite the quintessential "dog's dog"---was also very much aware of the human dimension and seemed to be very sensitive to us on a variety of levels.

Occasionally, there are dogs whose physiognomy or personality (or both) remind us of Sparkey, and those moments conjure a sweet sadness that is not altogether disagreeable.

I sometimes wonder if Tina misses him, but she has also made plenty of dog friends since his passing. She even has a 2-year-old boyfriend named Barney who tries to play with Tina like Sparkey used to, but she is quick to put him in his place when he becomes too frisky.

Although his body is long gone and has since fed the verdant soil under the dogwood bush in our old yard in Massachusetts, Sparkey's spirit continues to shine, and for that continued connection and remembrance we are forever grateful.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Four Years

Today marks four years since dear old Sparkey left his earthly body. On that fateful day, Mary, Rene and I gathered around him on our peaceful porch as the vet ended his suffering, and he licked us each on the face as a single tear rolled down his furry cheek. We buried him in the side yard of our house (the house we sold last year), and his old bones still rest in that hallowed place.

Sparkey was an amazing dog who was quite tuned into the human world. Whereas some dogs seem content in their canineness, Sparkey was one of those canines who seemed more human than most. He was especially tuned into human emotions, and there was no end to the empathy that he bestowed on members of his extended pack.

Sparkey and I were like soul mates, and there was a bond between us like I have never had with another animal (no offense, Tina!), and he was simply a special animal who came into our lives with a reservoir of love and devotion to give.

We miss our boy dearly, and we send our love to him, wherever he may be.

Rest in peace, Sparkey. One of these days Tina will join you at the Rainbow Bridge, and you both will have a joyous reunion. Til then, know that she is a happy old girl, slowly losing her eyesight and her hearing, but not her love of food and sleep and affection!

We love you, Bob. Thank you for the many years of devotion and love that you gave to our family, and know that we will never forget you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sparkey Comes to a Friend in a Dream

Hi Keith and Mary,

Sparkey came to me in a dream last night. I was lost and afraid in a vast underground metro system of a strange city (probably Rome) and he came trotting up to me with that big smile and the white tip of his tail waving like a flag. He was in robust health. He helped me to find my way home to __________ by accompanying me as I searched for the bus platform that would get me there. Even though it was after hours and there was a locked door I found a nice man at a service desk who gave me the key that unlocked it. Sparkey and I went down the stairs to the bus stop. I was five minutes late but the bus hadn't come yet and I was going to be o.k. Then the cats woke me up. :-)

So as I was driving to work this morning I felt that I must let you and Mary
know that I had seen him. I think he wanted to say "hi" to you.

Love, Lucinda

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reminiscent of Sparkey

This is a detail of a painting by Andrew Wyeth that reminds me so much of the good ol' days with Sparkey.