Sunday, September 02, 2012

Six Years

Well folks, today marks six years since Sparkey left this world. The above photo, which I don't think has ever been featured here on Latter Day Sparks, shows a plaque made by my Keith's father, Gene Carlson. The ersatz "boxing gloves" are two of the four booties that Sparkey wore on his feet in his final days in order to protect his nails and paws from his dragging gait. (Rene corrected us that Sparkey was actually born in 1993, not 1992--but who's counting!)

Meanwhile, Tina plods along towards her 18th birthday on April 1st, 2013, and we're amazed that she's survived Sparkey for so very many years. We imagine Sparkey visits her in her dreams from time to time, and will some day guide her over the bridge to her forever home.

The photo of Tina was taken this summer as Keith held the old girl in his arms. Already accepted into a dog photo contest, Tina just might make the cut to be one of the canines whose mug will be on a 2013 Santa Fe dog calendar. We'll keep you posted on that--and on Tina's Facebook page that's now in the works.

We miss our boy, and we allow other dogs in our lives to remind us of good old Sparkey--like Barney, Tina's three-year-old boyfriend.

Long live Sparkey D. Dog. We salute his spirit today and every day!

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