Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome to Sparkey's World!

Welcome one and all. This blog was created to honor and document the latter days of Sparkey the Dog, aka "Bob".

Sparkey is a well-loved thirteen-year-old lab mix who is now in the winter of his life. He was discharged from our local New England animal hospital on April 18th following an episode of intractable vomiting on Easter Sunday. Sparkey has been diagnosed with chronic renal failure (CRF) which often manifests as anorexia, nausea, and vomiting in dogs, a set of symptoms which mimic gastroenteritis. He is now receiving 500 cc's of Lactated Ringer's Solution IV fluid into the subcutaneous tissue of his shoulder blades (scruff) every day in order to supplement the rapid fluid and electrolyte loss via his failing kidneys. He also takes thyroid hormone, glucosamine with chondroitin, and tramadol for pain.

Sparkey's 11-year-old sister Tina appears to be aware of his failing health, and has become much more deferential to the old guy, although she has no problem with trying to abscond with his special foods which have unfortunately added to her weight, making her much more of a barrel-on-sticks. The girlish figure seen in this photograph belies her more corpulent substance of late, but we will see Spring Training and a slimmer Tina in the months to come, following this long winter of snacks and naps and an ailing brother.

This blog will be a chronicle, a tribute, a gallery, as well as a place for friends of Sparkey to share, gush, remember, and eventually grieve this fine and loyal canine being. Thanks for stopping by Sparkey's world, and please leave a comment here and there if you care to.



Melissa said...

There never have and never will be two better friends to have than Sparkey Bob and Tina Bean...I always think of our walks and sleeping times(mildly disturbed by Bean's yelling and tumbling off the bed:) together fondly. A piece of my heart is with the Sparkster now & always...

Ellen said...

I haven't known Sparky very long or very well, but I know he has a very sweet, wet nose that he brushes against my hand whenever I see him. I never knew him in his youthful days, but in his elder years, he has been an avid activist, commited to finding justice for his lost friend, Woody. And when mean people drove by and barked insults at us, Sparky never barked back. He will be greatly missed.

Tova Gabrielle said...

Sparkey, here is a smooch on the top of your wet nose. the nose knows. your momma and pappa know too. thanks for being a pal to all just like yer folks who will miss you terribly but not as terribly as your sister who is getting fatter and soon will get fitter esp if she keeps stealing your leftovers or dinner. maybe you'll see woody soon, please let us know if the human and animal realms remain interwoven in the next world. i suspect they do, how could there be a heaven without the friendships of humans and their beloved dogs or should i say dogs and their beloved humans? it's been so sweet knowin ya and yer soon off to the real gig, not this shadowy place of beauty and sorrow, you lucky dog you. for lets face it, being in the world is the hard part. or is it, according to a doggie? xo to you and your pets, mare, keif, and of course not so tiny tina.

Tova Gabrielle said...
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manonfyre said...

"barrel-on-sticks!" my euphemism for my similarly proportioned, kanya -- "nope! she doesn't miss too many meals!"

a friend often recalls "the final journey" of the mahabharata:

And suddenly, there was Indra, in his chariot, offering Yudhishtira a hand up.

"Welcome, Yudhishtira, hero. You have won to my heaven. Come aboard and I will take you there."

Yudhishtira whistled for his dog.

"Hold on." Indra smiled fondly at Yudhishtira and wagged his finger. "No dogs in heaven."

"He is a faithful and true companion," said Yudhishtira.

"Sorry, old chap. Just gods and human heros in my heaven." [not really true. just another test!]

"If he cannot come with me, then I will stay with him." And Yudhishtira stepped down from Indra’s chariot.

"But, Yudhishtira, old warrior, great king. You are the great hero of a great story. Your place is in my heaven."

"My place is where dharma is constant. This dog has been companion, protector, friend. I will stay near him."


more magic and transformation ensue, but you get the point. there is no second to the love we share with our true-heart, canine companions.

Keith, RN said...

Melissa, our faithful dog-sitter for several summers, is one of the dogs' favorite people in the world.

Ellen is a dear friend and has a heart of gold.

Tova, another dear friend, is a mystic and sensitive with access to realms to which most of us are blocked.

"Manonfyre" is one of our new friends from Zaadz, our online community, and that poem is so perfect, so true.....