Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sparkey at Rest

Here are some photos of Sparkey's resting place, taken after Rene came and planted an Ivory Halo Dogwood bush (center), as well as several varieties of Mums. In the Spring we will see thirteen crocuses, narcissus and tulips bloom, representing the thirteen years that Sparkey brightened the earth with his presence.

We are still lighting a candle every night at sunset, and words and acts of compassion still flow our way regularly across the wires, ethers, and miles.

Walking Tina around the block just before sunset tonight, I felt a wave of missing Sparkey. As a friend wrote to me recently, "There is now a Sparkey-sized hole in your heart." May that hole be filled with sweet memories of the past and joy for his new life.

Meanwhile, the candle burns.



melissa said...

I remember nights with the Sparkey and The Bean on the porch, looking out at the very spot where he now rests. It makes one wonder--how often have we sat and viewed our own final resting place? The plantings look beautiful and I imagine that Sparkey would see them fit--not too flashy, but relaxing and pretty. The thought of him gone still chokes me up, but I know, as do so many, that what he leaves is not so much a hole in our hearts as a piece added; without Sparkey in our lives there would have been a hole, with him, we are more fulfilled.

andrea said...

This blog is such a living, breathing testimony to your love for Sparkey. I know that the hole in your hearts will heal eventually, but you will always miss him. Your blog continues to remind me that there are lots of other folks like me, who have furry family members, not "just pets". Thanks. Peace to you all.