Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I so much wanted to see Sparkey's beautiful orange and white face when I came home today. Tina's greeting was all tail-wagging affection, and she always makes her delight in our long-awaited arrival thoroughly apparent. Still, there was a little pang in my heart when I came in the door and only one tail and set of canine eyes were there to greet me. After a hard day, coming home and realizing yet again that Sparkey is gone left me with a little feeling of emptiness, a void which I will fill with gratitude for his life and affection for Tina, our grey-coated love.


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melissa said...

I recently found out that my own lil' pup at home, a mere 11 years old and thus still my baby, has a heart condition and possibly Cushings. My thought immediately went to your struggles with dear Sparks and I could only think, I hope when it comes to that point, that we will do as well as you all have. I still think you have been simply the best parents to these pups. Take care.