Saturday, July 08, 2006


We arrived home yesterday to happy, content, and well-loved dogs. The house was in excellent shape, the dogs calm and clean, the hearth and home welcoming to travellers who can lay their bags down and put the 1200 miles and memories aside for a moment , reconnecting with the canine pack.

During our week in Quebec, Ottawa, and Burlington, VT, it seemed that there were dogs everywhere, and we were pleased to see how dog-friendly and relaxed these places were. Unlike our Little Uptight Town Which Shall Remain Nameless, in those towns where we were vacationing, dogs sat in outdoor cafes at the feet of their humans, drinking from water bowls and enjoying the freedom to be with their packs, even where food is served (Heaven forbid!) We loved our canine connections, and I whispered "have a good long life" into many a panting face.

So, here we are, dogs at our feet, laptops buzzing, the sounds of a summer evening outside the screened-in porch. Sparkey is skinny but no worse for wear, and his devoted sister Tina is still by his side (or at least trying to eat his dinner when he's not looking!)

All is well.


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Tiesha's Place said...

This is sweet.