Friday, June 30, 2006

Gone Fishin'

Well, folks, we're off to Quebec tomorrow morning for six days, leaving Sparkey and Tina in the care of wonderful people who will look after their every creature comfort and need. We feel certain that Sparkey will not be leaving us while we're out of town, but we've also told him explicitly that his time to pass is his own and he can go when he's ready to do so, even if that means going while we're out of town. The dog-sitter knows what to do in that eventuality, and the vet is standing by. Hmmm.

We bless our dogs and our home and leave them in good conscience. May these next days also bless you, dear Readers, until we meet again.

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Anonymous said...

Dogsitter here....Sparkey was much stronger than a few days ago when I was being trained. He was very excited about walking. I encouraged him to slow down on one walk. On the second walk he wanted to go a greater distance. "Baby steps!" I said. Predictions on Sparkey's longevity seem to be based on rate of decline. This is one high-spirited dog. Especially when it comes to walking in ponds.