Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Head Tilt

Sparkey has always been well-known for his retention of that most puppyish and endearing habit---the head-tilt-while-listening. The photo at left illustrates a classic example of such, circa May, 2005.

He would always reliably tilt his head from side to side in response to his favorite questions said with a marked questioning uplift at the end, obviously trying to divine the meaning of our question and the authenticity of the offer:

Do you want to go for a walk outside?
Do you want a treat?
Do you want to go for a ride in the car?
Do you want me to dial the number for you?

Alas, the head-tilt is a phenomenon of the past, but his cuteness is not diminished. Au countraire! He is more endearing by the day.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Sparks' story...I have only recently discovered the blogosphere....and enjoy both of your blogs quite a bit.
We nursed our cat for three months this winter with SC injections, SC fluids, and forced PO support her in recovering from liver failure...a reaction to her cat sister's sudden was hard work...and being a cat, she is not the least bit grateful to us....but her renewed playful antics make us laugh and smile....which is gift enough...with no burdens for giver or recipients....

Keith, RN said...

Thank you for sharing that. It is a difficult situation, and I hope that your cat's renewed vigor is long-lived.