Monday, May 01, 2006

For the love of doG

Bob B.D. Dog, (aka Sparkey)...God, we love this sweet creature who is the most sensitive human like yet dog-of-dogs dog!

The old Mister Sparkey has become rather picky in terms of his eating and has given up completely on dog food. Now he goes for real beef (which is hard for his human vegetarians to buy--and even harder to prepare but the guy has to eat). His all time fave is cheese quesadillas. i use the q's to get him to eat more protien and to add some needed carbos to his diet. (He has had it with rice in his meat, wont touch the stuff.)

Sparkey is taking his daily IV's okay, (thanks to Nurse KindKeith's skillful administering), but the meds-down-his-throat-routine is more and more of a battle every day.

The Sparko-matic seemed to love his farewell parties this weekend where much attention and treats were lavished upon him (see below!).

Our sweet, gentle, elderly Bob will, no doubt, let us know if he needs help transitioning. Meanwhile, there is more of life on earth to enjoy---his fun ain't over yet. "Life is still good", I can hear him say as he sniffs the air and wobbles down the trail.

Thank you, dear reader pal, for visiting this doggie blog we made for the old Sparks (and for us and for you).


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