Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why cant i do it?

It sure would make sense if i just did the IV for Bob myself. After all, its not intraveneous, just subquetaneous (spell check for this non-nurse, hello) . It would surely help out and give Keith a needed break from this mutually unpleasant ritual for both dog and man. I seriously considered it tonight, seriously I did, knowing it would save our hard working nurse friend, Keith's co-worker, a trip out this evening. But i just could not fathom poking my own dog with a needle, and a rather hearty one at that. I need practice first, some technique training, poking some oranges like they do in nursing school--or something. Without practice, i know the chances of hesitation are high. Even though I have a lot of nerve and even get acupuncture for myself, I am rather squeemish about jabbing a needle into another being.

I accept my role for now as the comfort person for Sparkey and as the nurses aide for the IV administerer. Glad Keith is getting a needed break, grateful for our friends' help, and especially happy that ole Sparkey has decided to stick around this long. I took the cutest photo of how i found him sleeping with his head on a pillow this morning. He looked up at me with his sleepy, red hound-dog eyes as if to say, "Wass up?Its early! Must you?" Yes, sir Sparks, my dear, I must! I can't stab you witha needle but I can shoot you with a camera anytime!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Mister Sparkle and caretaker team. This is your Jen-friend, just checking in to see how you are doing. Mares, it seems perfectly natural to be reluctant to jab your friend and companion with a large needle! Don't sweat it -- I'm sure the on-call nurses aide is doing well with it while Keith is away. Keefer, greetings to you in Atlanta. I look forward to speaking with you both and catching up soon.

Sparkey: Want to go for a walk in the park? A drive in the car? (Tilt, tilt)

Love, aunt Jen

Keith, RN said...

Oh Mary, please don't worry. I don't mind doing it, really I don't. (Now, if you could take over some of the meat-cooking, that would be great!)

BTW, it's "subcutaneous".

; - )