Thursday, May 04, 2006

Time to Worry?

He really won't eat today. Mary spoon-fed him some meat from his bowl before we went out to meet some friends after work, but sometimes it seems that food just holds little interest---or at least the food at hand, that is. We're trying everything, but there are times when we must accept that no food will make it into him on our watch. Unfortunately, any food left out for Sparkey will just be scarfed up by Tina the Barrel on Sticks. What to do as Spark's ribs become more and more apparent?

Failing all else, I do what I must---force his pills down his gullet and poke him for the IV and tell him I love him dearly.......

Luckily, post-IV, Mary's trick works---he loves corn tortillas straight from the fridge with cheddar cheese and vegetarian lunch meat made from tofu. The carnivorous canine eats the fake meat ravenously. I should write the company....

And now we sleep.


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