Monday, May 08, 2006

Something for Sparkey

This beautiful entry just in from our young neighbor:
There are some people in your life, that although you are not technically their family, they always are thought of to be part of yours anyway. Sparkey is that; only a dog, an amazing animal, that I think all the neighborhood would agree is just simply family. Sparkey always has great enthusiasm whether it is just trotting around the neighborhood, stopping for a nice petting from someone, or just relaxing in his yard. He might look a bit bored, but looking into his eyes, gives you a tangible insight on his happiness with life, and caretakers, Mary and Keith. You feel the happiness too. Even now, when things may be getting a bit more difficult for Sparkey, and times aren’t always so great, you can catch glimpses of how he seems to find joy in the smallest things. Just today, while I was walking him and Tina in the gloomy and lonesome-like rainy day, Sparkey paused at the puddles, with Tina accompanying, and lapped up a drink of water on the way, ears flopping, full of joy.
Here is just a small memory I have of Sparkey,
and how much I enjoy seeing him.
I love you!
~Jacqueline Wang

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