Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mid-Week Canine Life

As I become sleepier and sleepier here in the big easy chair in the living room, I remember that I still need to do Sparkey's IV. I think we're all tiring of it to some degree. But it's keeping Sparks alive so I'll be off to be Dog Nurse momentarily, sleepy or not.

Mary started her new job yesterday and the dogs both need to adjust to us both being gone all day long once again. They've been spoiled by having Mary home much more often for the last 20 months, and they now must spend more time entertaining themselves, or sleeping. Luckily, our dear friend David, who has a pet-care business, is coming to spend time with them every afternoon, taking the pups for a parambulation. David has access to our fridge, the laptop with high-speed internet, not to mention the fabulous screened-in porch and hammock! Not a bad gig, really.

But I digress. IV duty calls, and this nurse's work is not yet done....


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