Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Our lives simply revolve around our dogs these days. In thirteen years of dog-human relations, we've never sent our dogs to a kennel, always arranging for house/dog-sitters to stay with the spoiled pups whenever we've left town, even for up to a month at a time.

With Sparkey's current illness, hiring our friend David to visit and walk the dogs daily while we're at work is an absolute necessity, and he spends extra time giving them love, affection, treats, and company. David leaves us a note every day. To wit:

"Hello there. I gave Sparkey his pills. Yessiree. We had a nice stroll and they both POOPED. The they had some chicken nuggets which were very popular (Sparkey always gets the lion's share). Now I'm scratching Tina's neck. She's my little fuddlebum. OK then. I'll be back tomorrow, rain or shine. See you----D."

As you can imagine, having such living and individualized attention for our pups while we're far away is a little piece of heavenly relief. This weekend, with a graduation party in New Jersey planned months in advance, we've been at a loss to find dog care. Our usual suspects are unavailable and we were contemplating taking the dogs on the long drive and staying in a nice pet-friendly hotel as we've done in the past. But luckily it's David the Dog-Sitter Extraordinaire to the rescue and we can rest in the knowledge that he will spend Saturday night partying at home with Sparkey and Tina. We'll be sure to supply them all with lots of chicken nuggets and BBQ chicken with white rice.

Life's good in Dogville. Thanks for stopping by.


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Anonymous said...

Tina *IS* a fuddlebum. No doubt.