Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mama to the rescue

Earlier in the week, the dogs and I had a lovely little late afternoon walk to the pond where the dogs took what used to be their daily dip, that is, until Sparkey got too weak to make it every day :( On the way back, Sparkey put on the brakes and would not budge. I thought it was because of his usual stubbornness and was pleased to see his enthusiasm for staying outside, so when i gently tugged and pleaded for him to move along, he adamantly refused. Then I saw that poor old Bob's back paws were raw and bleeding. Poor baby had scraped the tops of his back paws from dragging them along instead of lifting them all the way. You see, he doesn't have the leg strength and his legs are too atrophied to move well for him, so they kind of drag on the up-step. This results in little sores that look like dog stigmata and keep getting reopened, but never this badly before.

So, I sprang into action and tied Sparka-dee-dog to a tree. Leaving him under the shade of the tree and verbal reassurance of my return, Tina and I then sprinted off to pick-up the Bob with the car. I hope he knew the plan and sent rescue images to him so he wouldn't worry, but before I got home, I heard a few loud Sparkey-in-distress barks. I left Tina in the house for simplicity's sake and drove off to the rescue. I honked the horn as I approached Sparkey, but of course, because of his partial deafness, he looked for the sound to come from another direction. Then he turned and saw mommy! I opened my arms outstretched to him just as I did the day we first met and walked toward him. He gleefully came to me, happy ears riding back, and we kissed. Then I took off the leash and he made a bee-line to the open door of the car where he contemplated being able to get in, but found he had to wait for my assistance. I think he felt true relief and joy after being plopped into the familiar car, riding along with his female alpha dog, the scents in the breeze making his muzzle examine the air. Oh, what a dog, and a dog's dog at that! I love you, Sparkey!


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Tiesha's Place said...

This is so bittersweet. Poor baby and his paws! I've got cats, but I'm a dog lover too :). Nice blog! I'll be back!