Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Health Update

A few emails from friends have inquired if Sparkey is OK, even though they had read this blog. This perhaps means that we have not really given a recent health update other than to say "the boy's OK". Well, the boy's OK, and by that I mean that he is receiving his IV every night with little complaint, taking his two medications wrapped in a lunchmeat burrito twice a day, and eating fairly admirable amounts of freshly barbecued chicken and beef mixed with white rice and Kibbles 'n' Bits. He drinks water like a fiend and pants alot in this hot weather, but what dog doesn't do that?

Walks are slow, and mostly around our very shady and sweet block. I keep him off-leash but watch him closely as he can't hear or necessarily see cars coming. Walks are always---and I mean always---punctuated by concentrated grass eating, Sparkey apparently in his "salad days". Unlike when he was younger, he doesn't seem to eat grass in order to induce vomiting (think "Canine Ipecac"). Rather, he seems to enjoy the tender new blades, especially after a few days of rain. Perhaps he knows intuitively that it's good for the ol' kidneys?

Speaking of kidneys, we need to call our vet and request some bloodwork, namely kidney function and thyroid levels, so we know where we stand metabolically. Other than that, we are on doggie auto-pilot and hoping that Sparkey can enjoy the summer with as little discomfort as possible. We will watch like hawks for hot spots on his skin, a sure source of distress, infection and itchiness, potentially much worse now that he can't scratch as well with his hind legs.

So, in terms of health, he's steady as he goes. Any changes will be promptly posted here.

Dog is my co-pilot.


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