Monday, June 19, 2006

Still Here.....

We went on our first overnight trip this weekend since Sparkey became ill on in April, and he made it through the weekend without incident. I gave him his IV fluids on Saturday morning, then again on Sunday when we returned home at 6pm, and tonight we will resume our regularly scheduled bedtime IV session.

Based upon the prognosis given by the animal hospital and by our own vet, we truly did not expect Spark to make it until summer. Due to his impaired kidney function, we'll need to keep a close eye on his hydration status and be sure not to expose him to excessive heat or walks during the hottest times of day.

We have had a trip to Canada with Mary's parents planned for the first week of July for a number of months, and again never expected Bob to be around until then. At this rate, it seems that he certainly will be (barring unforeseen circumstances) and we have a reliable and loving dog-sitter ready to spend the week here. This kind gentleman is also expressing complete willingess to administer the IV fluids in our absence, precluding our need to also hire a visiting nurse during our absence. He will be amply compensated for such dedication and service.

The magic of Sparkey's life continues and we can only be thankful for this apparently extended time. It seems our movie contains scenes which we never expected to reach the screen of life, but here we are, and there's plenty of film left......


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