Sunday, June 11, 2006

Today's Photos

Here's some shots of a sleepy guy on this cloudy Sunday morning. We're amazed and pleased that he just keeps on keeping on. The Spark's appetite is good (as long as I barbecue chicken!), he's taking his meds, going for walks, and the nightly IV continues with little protest.

Yesterday, we took him to a nearby field where we brushed him down, removing enormous amounts of fur. This fur, which generally coats the interior of our house, was left in piles dotting the field, blowing in the wind, and hopefully becoming part and parcel of some lucky nearby birds' nest.



Lucinda Lucey said...

God Bless you Mary and Keith and Tina and Sparkey. I'm so happy Sparkey is still doing well and is continuing to give you joy. He is such a lovable boy.

Anonymous said...

What a hadsome dog! I'm so glad he's still doing well. May peace be with you all when the day comes. He knows he's can see it in his eyes.